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Brunolini is a global leader in the creation of fragrances. Our fragrances are a key component in many of the world’s finest perfumes and best-known consumer products brands, including Perfumes, Deodorants, Airfreshners, Body Mist products.

At Brunolini, innovation is part of our DNA. Our consumer research gives us insights into what people really want and need. Our scientists and engineers then create the molecules, processes, and delivery systems that will bring those ideas to market. Our proprietary encapsulation technology, which consists of individual fragrance droplets coated with a protective plyometric shell delivers superior fragrance performance throughout the product lifestyle and has applications across several product categories. And our exclusive polymer delivery system,  is a “solid fragrance” technology allowing us to add scent to functional or moulded plastic.

We are able to deliver superior results for our clients by managing the entire product lifecycle from conception, to taking fragrance to market, to driving consumer demand. This integrated approach to fragrance development is what sets us apart from other fragrance manufacturers in the industry.

“360° degree approach to fragrance development”


Brunolini’s Vendor Qualification Program makes source quality and purity assurance available to our customers. Each of our sources (fragrances) ,from France, must submit documentation outlining product specifications, labelling standards and container compliance for every product to satisfy our uncompromising standards for pure, consistent and reliable essential oils.Cultivated over generations, we share unmatched relationships with each of our growers, and they share our commitment to producing only the highest quality ingredients. With this solid foundation of grower direct premium oils, Brunolinisupplies customers with a solid of source purity and quality now and for years to come.

Brunolini source fragrance raw materials from France. Bottling is done in Indonesia .

Manufacturing Capabilities


With over 200,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and processing space, our facilities provide the flexibility to manufacture as per the market needs. We test all incoming – and outgoing -products against stringent specifications for:

  • Purity
  • Consistency
  • Quality

We hold professional certifications to demonstrate adherence to industry standards, but continuously strive to exceed them by consistently monitoring and testing the source transformation process and testing the outcomes with high end laboratory.


Not every product requires natural fragrances, but when they do, look no further than Brunolini. Our fragrance team is equipped to make sure we give the best fragrance solution for you. Our goal is to surprise and thrill you as you open our bottles of fragrance and can’t stop yourself from exclaiming, “That’s natural!?”.

Company Quality Assurance

We have put in place a quality assurance system under the direct control of the CEO that is centred on the Quality Assurance Department and integrated at all levels from development and raw material procurement to production and sales. This system has obtained certification under high-level quality control systems including the ISO 9001 quality management system and the FSSC 22000 food safety management system. Domestic and overseas laws and regulations on flavours and fragrances are subject to integrated management by a specialist section within the Quality Assurance Department, and a comprehensive range of information is held on a database to share among relevant departments. With stringent checks to ensure that raw materials and products comply with regulations, our quality assurance system delivers safe products which can be used with confidence.


At facilities engaged in multi-item manufacturing, some allergic substances are also used as raw materials. Strict controls operate in areas such as storage and equipment utilization to ensure that allergic substances are not transferred to other products or raw materials.