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In today’s business world, international shipping and receiving encompasses legal and financial regulations that can overwhelm most businesses.


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Distribution is a key aspect of a marketing plan.The first and main decision in the marketing strategy is to choose if intermediaries are going to be involved.

Shipping & Delivery

We understand that getting your items quickly is important to you, so we make every effort to process your order quickly. We also know that you want to save money, so you’ll find free shipping on purchase Rs.500/- above.

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What Our Clients Say 


We are very pleased and 100% satisfied with the service delivery provided by our business partner SMI Groups. SMI has a highly professional approach, is entirely reliable and it is with their input and help that we have successfully achieved our business objectives and targets.

Premsundar J

What really made the SMI team stand out was how quickly they were able to demonstrate a deep knowledge of our business. That understanding helped to shape a lot of the creative and functional choices. They know more about our business than a lot of our customers do.


We have been working with SMI Groups for over five years during which time they have proved to be an excellent partner with just the right experience and expertise to help us. Working closely with them we have been able to resource high caliber knowledgeable contractors for our own projects and for our clients.



An organization consisting of many companies that are involved in many diverse fields of business. Our collective aim is to “strive relentless to provide our partners and clients with products and services of the highest quality”.

Business revolved in the year 1973 with textiles, the enterprise spread its wings across many other fields of business, the bases being in 2 countries had a lot to do with the expansion of the textile and garments industries, there on a supply chain was developed into the retailing business, meanwhile getting involved in the hospitality industry, which on the parallel brought about the property development business into the group.

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The word is on the street, the buzz is in the air and it’s on everyone’s lips. There’s new breed of alpha male and femme fetale in town. Found everywhere, in bookstores, dance floors, restaurants, supermarkets and in every street corner, The Brunolini man and the Brunolini woman have been spotted turning heads and melting hearts.

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Brunolini product


PT Cahaya Perdana Plastics was established in 1980 in North Jakarta for the manufacture of plastic housewares under the “Lion Star” trademark . Products that we produced are high quality products to meet domestic and international market by type, color and size which very diverse for domestic use at an affordable price.

Starting from the experience of three decades, the company continuously improvising to provide products better, and periodically change colors series on our products to give new refreshment to those products. Similarly, the company continues to pursue reforms to participate in preserving the environment through the efficient use of energy and use of materials that are environmentally friendly.

In the midst of intense competition in the industry, companies realize that customer satisfaction is the thing that should not be overlooked and these factors become the mission of the company.

Vision and Mission: Becoming a household appliances manufacturer of quality plastic and also presents a wide range of products to meet the needs and satisfaction of consumers at home and abroad at affordable prices.

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